Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blogging my blog

It's been a long, strange trip for this rumblepup. My adventures on the web have yet to come full circle, but I think I've finally got a handle on this blogging thingamadoodad. As I prepare my first set of content, I'm suprised by how much I want to share with the world my personal thoughts on things like SEO, and web design, politics, entertainment, music, and peanut-butter and banana sandwiches. (The king was right about those suckers, lock down your heart in a minute, but damn they're tasty)

So, as I'm winding down my first set of articles, I'm happy to be able to post to my SEO blog some interviews. Great way to start the show, as well as let people know what's coming down the pike.

My first interview was with the forum mod extrodinaire, CTABUK. It was fun doing it, and I got a kick out of learning a little more history about the man himself. For me, it's just a great look into a great mentor.

My second interview to go up was with the venerable NeO, and it was a loads of fun. NeO is a great PSEM (Professional Search Engine Marketer for the doodoo heads) and incredibly informed about Search Engine Strategies.

And, of course, the long anticipated interview with CrankyDave. What CrankyDave don't know, don't exist, that's just the way it is.

But wait, there's more. In the upcoming weeks, I have even more interviews, and articles going up. Hopefully I can make the world a little easier to bare.

Oh yeah, and there's that whole cure for cancer thing I'm working on as well.

Until next time.


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