Thursday, February 22, 2007

My first interview - success with onebox

There's very few people I pay attention to. Those I do pay attention to go on a very short list:

  1. My wife (only on Thursdays)
  2. My mom (when she pulls out the whiffle ball bat she STILL likes to smack me with)
  3. My boss (on the day before payday, that's when he's got his pen out)
  4. The Police Man on the side of the highway with that radar bop gun
and that's about it. However, when it comes to online success, I pay a lot of attention to BAMF's like Brian Mark. Not exactly what he says, but what he does. And what he does is typically very successful.

Well, one of the things I was paying attention to is his methodology for getting onebox results. I paid close enough attention that I actually garnered some success of my own, taking a poorly designed, poorly SEO'd site, and moving it in the right direction. When Brian heard how cool it was working right off the cuff, he wanted me to share my experience.

So here you go, the weekly oneboxer recap and rumblep on onebox.

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